Machines and plants supplied by PLAN are used for the production of different types of sleepers (crossties), such as those used in:

  • Heavy duty cargo railway lines;
  • High-speed passenger lines;
  • Turnout and switches;
  • Slab tracks (or ballastless tracks);

The Plan’s carousel system offers significant advantages over other production systems in the utilization of labour and materials. As the production cycle is continuous and the work places stationary, labour resources are used continually in all phases, so there are no ‘peak loads’ where extra labour is required.

The Plan’s carousel method is based on a longitudinal or transversal carousel circulation featuring a continuous closed cycle. Moulds are moved simultaneously through the plant from one work station to the next in the production zone with cured sleepers moving along the finishing station. At each work station the different phases are carried out, with computerized quality control recording each of the critical operations. 

Thanks to our technology, it is easy to produce different sleepers (different dimensions, different pre-stressing loads and rail fastenings…) during the same working-shift.