Carousel Plant for the production of railway sleepers

The image below shows a carousel plant for the production of railway sleepers (crossties). Our high-performance turn-key plants are automated and the production can be monitored through our software. Indeed, our team of engineers develops software according to customers’ needs and therefore are always updated and perfected to ensure individual customers’ satisfaction.

In 29 years, we have accomplished 60 successful projects, ranging from 20 sleepers per hour to 200 sleepers per hour. Additionally, sleepers produced through our technologies are compatible with EN 13230 or AREMA standards, as well as our plants are in accordance with world-wide work-place safety regulations.

Our company is the only plant manufacturer that can offer four different technologies using the carousel method. For further information, check our production technologies.

Production Technologies


Pre-tensioned system

Post-tensioned system


Twin-block system