We offer innovative solutions for the industrial production of concrete products.


Our long-standing experience allows us to offer customized solutions to meet clients’ needs.


Our attention to safety and health today is also a look towards the future.


Quality, CE markings, observance of EU and International regulations.

At PLAN, we believe in efficiency, quality of work and customer service. We always show up on time and have everything planned out before delivering client’s project. No matter if it is a total factory or a machine, we always apply the highest standards of quality and work ethics. As a well-rooted firm, we have strong values and treat our clients with honesty, integrity and respect.

Thanks to our team that constantly works to develop new technologies, we are able to improve the quality of products and to maintain low production costs. Additionally, our technologies are developed in order to reduce waste, emissions and to allow production with a low environmental impact without giving up to ease of use and clean, safe and healthy work conditions.

Complete factories

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Bearers L=2.30m to 6.60m – according to the bearers arriving from the casting station, recognized automatically: – cutting pads to […]
Finishing station for ballastless track slabs. Slab= 4.80×2.40 meters, post-tensioned in both directions (longitudinally and transversally).
USPs applied just after the casting station. Automatic picking of the pads from the storage rack by vacuum. Adjustable parameters. […]