PLAN S.r.l was founded in 1991 by Mr. Eugenio Lucheroni, current chairman of the Board.

Over the years PLAN has become a leading company in supplying machines for the production of concrete products, up to the point that it currently employs more than 80 people in two different factories (approx. 4000 m2 of covered area). Our success is due in large part to our dedicated technical and production staff who constantly works to satisfy individual customers’ needs.

PLAN mostly supplies turn-key plants and machinery for the manufacture of:

1. Concrete railway sleepers (crossties) to be used in any application, from heavy duty cargo lines to high-speed passenger lines, turnouts and ballastless track systems;

2. Precast elements for the construction of social houses, apartments, high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, hotels, schools, hospitals, multi-storey car parks, offices, industrial and commercial buildings on an industrial scale (in rapidly expanding economies around the world, where the demand for houses is very high, PLAN proposes special production lines for the construction of up to 10 apartments per day with very high quality and low production costs).

PLAN services include design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of these manufacturing facilities. Engineering packages available include operators training and after-sales service, including permanent presence of PLAN engineers and technicians as supervisors of all operations within the factory to maximize the Owner’s return on investment.

PLAN has supplied over 3,000 machines and equipment to more than 120 Clients in 40 different countries. 110 complete factories have been designed, fabricated, tested and commissioned by PLAN all around the world.

All of our machines are designed, manufactured and first tested in our facilities in Italy. The made in Italy certification means good quality products, environmental protection and observance of workers’ rights and safety. Additionally, our strict attention to European Safety Codes means also that all equipment is CE marked and is compatible with world-wide work-place safety regulations.

Last but not least, PLAN’s top management has many years of experience in the design and fabrication of industrial machines, as well as manufacturer of precast products. This allowed PLAN to develop new technologies in order to offer simplicity in the maintenance and usage as well as safety for those who use our machines.


We offer the best solutions for the concrete industry but we never forget who we are: our mission is efficiency, quality of work and customer service. These are also our key-words since it is vital for us to help our customers to save time and money and to help them to achieve their targets. This is why we constantly work hard to apply the highest standards of quality and work ethics and our day-by-day responsibility is oriented towards the respect of our customers and of our workers.


We think that the future is built day by day. Our experience taught us the importance of targets and of new ideas and projects to improve ourselves and our company. The future is today and we work to achieve a healthier and safer work-place, as well as an improved environmental safeguard, paying attention to future generations.